Helping small business decide what to do next.

We help businesses come up with short and medium term plans that will help them grow. We listen to problems, bring new ideas, and help clients do what it takes to find new business.

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We show clients what is going on in the world-
bringing new ideas right to your front door.


It is just too hard to run a company and really know what is possible.  We help executives know what is possible and we bring ideas that may lead you to becoming a leader in your industry.  We can help you know which new ideas are worth your time, energy, and resources.  

We also try out new ideas (like new kinds of payment)

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Super Bowl advertisers pay millions of dollars for a 30 second ad because they know that millions of people will be watching, and while they have that attention they are going to try to sell you something.  Twitter allows YOU to share information with anyone, anywhere in the world for free, if you can only get their attention- but that is not how you should think about Twitter.

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